Friday, 11 September 2009

Jalinan Ukhuwwah Musim Sejuk 2009 (JALINAN 2009)


Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Europe) presenting to you:


Looking for a chance of a mega Reunion?
Seeking for an opportunity to meet new friends?
Well, here is one spectacular event not to be missed!

Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Europe) presents to you:

"We Share A Dream"

Venue: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Date: 22nd to 25th December 2009
Inviting: All Malaysians residing in the UK, Ireland, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, France, etc

-Outdoor teambuilding activities
-Indoor teambuilding activities
-Spiritual Enlightenment
-Talk(s) by a renowned speaker
-And many more

*But not forgetting of course, SKIing!!!! (optional)

To be confirmed...but it is better that you book your place now!

Info & registration:

Registration/enquiries: (email)

or, please contact these Representatives below, they'll be more than happy to help you!


Iqbal Tahir (Director of Programme) - Sheffield

Azizi Rosli - Cardiff

Faezuddin - Dublin

Hafiz Karim - Manchester

Syahir Rajuddin - Czech Republic (Olomouc)

Nor Arifah (Deputy Director of Programme) - Manchester

Norhayati Hasan - Dublin

Nor Nasuha Mail - Dublin

Aisyah Abd Razak - Galway

Sakinah Abdullah - Czech Republic

*Or, just simply comment on this post or via the shoutbox!

~Please forward this announcement to all your contacts. Invite as many people as you wish!~
(This is YOUR Programme)


Siti Fatimah Zaharah Zulkapli said...

kwn2.slm.dga2 tket ke uk time tu da habes book.mmndgkn chrisms?any suggstion tok probs neh

ismaukeire said...


bagi yg drpd czech, brpe yg diconsidered 'a fair price' utk tiket?

ade je tiket - dah check =)

everjihad said...

hmmm..menarik. tapi jauh..huhu..

Sang Pujangga said...

150 euro to 160 euro....utk yg drpd czech ke mana2 lapgn terbg UK..

ismaukeire said...

itu, dah ada tiket ke belum?
ke, nak kata itu ideal harga utk tiket?

aisyah said...

cuba try link ni utk compare harga tiket termurah pada hari yg nak ditempah tu moga2 dipermudahkan urusan.

Sang Pujangga said...

itu harga yg dapat daripada website mane byk website pun harga cmtu gak...tiket belum ada lagi...xdecide lagi nak gi lapangan terbang yg mana...

Sang Pujangga said...

td ada sembang dgn budak UK..diorg ckp bley dapat dalam 30pound kalau book xtaw la kapal terbang yg mana...

ismaukeire said...

kpd pujangga - yg area2 40 pounds (kalau tidak silap)...ada...

cuba tgk =)

Anonymous said...

Wow.. "we share a dream" dah smp northern hemisphere.. Maybe one day "Fair Dinkum" or "Waltzing Matilda" will also reach UK

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